Friends of Norwich Churches information

Everywhere you go in Norwich, you see a church. They come in all sizes and shapes. There are so many that they are often overlooked! But they form a collection of unparalleled importance: no other city north of the Alps has so many surviving mediæval churches.

In 1967, there was a major review of the city centre churches, and the Diocese of Norwich decided that only eight of the thirty-one were needed for worship. The Norwich Historic Churches Trust (NHCT) was set up in 1973 to care for most of the unneeded ones.

The NHCT tries to find uses for each of the churches under its care which, as far as possible, allow the buildings to remain accessible for people to enjoy. Upkeep is expensive, and by becoming a Friend of NHCT, you can help to maintain these unique buildings and their contents and their churchyards.

The Friends of NHCT support Norwich’s much-loved churches in a variety of ways. These include raising public awareness of the churches and the work of NHCT, organising lectures and events and providing support.

By joining the Friends you will not only be helping to support the work of the Trust, you will also meet a variety of like-minded people and be invited to special events.

Single membership: £15.00
Household membership: £20.00

Norwich view c1804