Norwich Churches Maintained by the NHCT

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All Saints Church Westlegate
All Saints Church NorwichThough now surrounded by a tower block, a large office complex and a department store, the church remains the focal point of Westlegate and All Saints Green.

All Saints became redundant in 1973 and in 1979 it was leased by the Norwich Historic Churches Trust to the All Saints Centre. Today the church is a Christian centre where everyone is welcome to; buy Christian books and greeting cards, purchase items from the charity shop or just enjoy a cup of coffee in the café. The chapel remains consecrated, thus the church continues to provide a quiet place for reflection.

St Clement-at-Fyebridge
St Clement Church Colegate Norwich The Church of St Clement the Martyr is a powerful element of the townscape of ‘Norwich Over the Water’. where its elegant tower dominates the eastern end of Colegate.

The Reverend Jack Burton first preached here in 1969 when he was inspired by its ambience and peacefulness. It was eight years later (following its "redundancy") that Jack took the rather unusual step of approaching the Norwich Historic Churches Trust to ask if he could personally rent the church. For over 30 years Jack opened the church daily for private prayer and meditation. Additionally he held a number of services, the most memorable (and lively) of which was the annual Christmas Midnight Mass. The church is the only NHCT church that still retains its church furnishings. .

St Edmund Fishergate
St Emund Church Fishergate Norwich St Edmunds is one of the smaller City Medieval churches. Since 1999 it has been the home of The Norwich Pregnancy Crisis Centre providing a perfect space for the organisation to carry out its work.

Interestingly since 2007 the church has been reopened on Sundays for religious services, when it is used by the Gateway Vineyard church.

St Etheldreda King Street
St Etheldreda Church Norwich In 1981 St Ethedreda was set up as an artist studio by two graduate sculptors from the Norwich School of Art. As with St Martin at Oak, it was recognised that there was a demand for relatively cheap facilities for local people who did not want to move to London. Today the studio operates as a charity and is home to ten artists who are masters of a variety of disciplines including: painting, printing & sculpting.

The church has been described by one of the artists as being “fairly rudimentary…however, it offers good light and an atmosphere which is conducive to work” - a sentiment which may have been shared by the church's original congregation !

St Gregory Pottergate
St Etheldreda Church NorwichThe church of St Gregory dominates this area of the city. The tower looms over the narrow alley, which is pinched tighter still by an elegant little West Porch. Think of the small grass plain to the south as a stage: the great high clerestorey serves as backdrop and the South Porch forms the focal point.

Since being in the care of NHCT the church has had a variety of uses. In 2007 it became the home of St Gregory's Centre for the Arts, a cultural venue in the heart of the Norwich Lanes district whose aim is to make: "arts, crafts and music available to all".

St James Pockthorpe
St James Pockthorpe Church Norwich St James Pockhhorpe is the home of one of Norwich's most loved and unique organisations : "The Norwich Puppet Theatre"

The theatre was founded in 1978 by Ray & Joan DaSilva as a permanent base for their touring company and was first opened as a public venue in 1980, following the conversion of the medieval church. The conversion & subsequent use of the church epitomises the fact that although the church was established hundreds of years ago it continues to be pivotal to the local community.

St John de Sepulchre
St John de Sepulchre Church NorwichAlthough the church is in the care of the NHCT it continues as a religious centre under the auspices of the Exarchate of Parishes of Russian Tradition in Western Europe. In its current guise it represents "The Orthodox Parish of the Holy Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian." Services continue to be held weekly in the church.
St Margaret de Westwick
St Margaret Church NorwichOne of four churches on St Benedicts, the church is dominated by its beautiful east window designed by Michael King of G King & Sons. Installed in 1967,it depicts the ascension in an expressionist style using glorious bright colours.It very much adds to the ambience of the church which is today used an exhibition space, the light atmospheric building being a perfect setting for artists to show their work to the public.
St Martin at Oak
St Martin at Oak Church NorwichBetween 1976 and 2001 St Martin at Oak was well know to Norwich residents as the home of the Norwich Night Shelter.

Following the move of the organisation the church was empty for four years before it was recognised that the light open space found in a medieval church, such as this, provides an attractive venue for an artists' studio.Thus since 2005 church has been the home of "On Oaks Studios" performing very much the same role as St Etheldreda's church .

St Martin at Palace
St Martin at Palace Church NorwichAs can been shown with so many of the medieval church conversions, the buildings continue to provide a pivotal role within the Norwich community. This is particularly illustrated at St Martin at Palace. In 1989 The Probation Service began working from here. In 1991 they were joined by the newly formed Norfolk ACRO (Association for the Care & Resettlement of Offenders) Since 2000 Norfolk ACRO has leased the premises where they continue their work to "support the resettlement and reintegration of ex-offenders into the community"
St Mary Coslany
St Mary coslany Church NorwichSt Mary Coslany has a distinctive round tower. Over its long history it has had a variety of uses but today is the home of two businesses : Curran Publishing and an internet bookseller.

It is somewhat ironic that the church is now so closely linked to books and publishing as outside the church is a plaque commemorating the site of the baptism of Luke Hansard. It states that whilst in Norwich he “…served an apprenticeship as a printer ..went to London in 1771 and printed journals of the House of Commons”

St Miles (Michael) Coslany
St Michael Coslany Church NorwichThis beautifully proportioned church with its remarkable exterior has been the home of the Inspire Discovery Centre since 1995. It is described as “a different kind of museum where children and adults can explore science through fun hands on activities.” The church now attracts over 20,000 visitors including a large number of school groups.
St Michael at Plea
St Michael at Plea Church NorwichSince coming into the care of the NHCT St Michael at Plea has had many uses. More recently in 2004 it opened as the SPCK bookshop, however, since May 2008 it has operated as “The Norwich Christian Resource Centre.” The centre offers visitors: a bookshop, a meeting place and the lovely “Forget me Not Café”.

Opening up the church in this way has encouraged and enabled thousands to visit this architectural gem. The building averages 120 visitors a day whilst many attend special events

St Peter Hungate
St Peter Hungate Church NorwichSt Peter Hungate is fondly remembered by many citizens of Norwich as a brass rubbing centre and church museum. Following the closure of the centre the church stood empty for many years. However in 2008 a new charitable trust was formed with the mission of re-opening the church as an exhibition and interpretation centre for the medieval arts, initially focussing on stained glass. The centre has now been granted funding from the Heritage Lottery and other bodies and is due to open Spring 2009.
St Peter Parmentergate
St Peter Parmentergate Church NorwichSt Peter Parmentergate is truly playing its part in the regeneration of the King Street Area.

The church has been in the care of the NHCT since the mid 1980s. Over this time it had various uses before lying unused from 2002. In 2005 the trust were approached by Lyn and Peter Shipley who were looking for a premises for the Norwich Academy of Martial Arts . After much hard work and investment the church opened in its new guise in 2006. Club members can now take part in a variety of activities including Kick boxing and Tai Chai.

The church, which is home to the Berney monument( one of Norwich’s most stunning memorials) also contains the NHCT’s office.

St Savior Stump Cross
St Peter Parmentergate Church NorwichSince 1996 this small church on Magdalen Street has been part of the Kings Community Church, who do not use it for worship, but as a venue for its youth activities. It has a variety of uses but it particularly comes into its own when live bands appear. As is the case at St Swithins (Norwich Arts Centre) the acoustics in the building are great for concerts with the venue adding to the atmosphere.
St Simon & St Jude
St Simon & St Jude Church NorwichAfter becoming redundant, the church was used by the Scouts until 1997 after which it lay empty for a number of years. Since 2007 the church has been repaired in two distinctly different ways. Firstly it has been prepared for use by The Anglia Academy of Dance, who are bringing this lovely church back into daily use. At the same time the NHCT raised funding to restore the historically important Pettus family memorial (housed in the church), thus ensuring that this important relic of Norwich's history was not lost.
St Swithin
St Swithin Church NorwichOne of four medieval churches on St Benedicts, since 1980 St Swithins has been the home of Norwich Arts Centre.Today it offers its users a huge range of entertainment & educational courses encompassing: music, film, theatre, comedy, performing arts, creative courses, photography & digital media.

Since its reincarnation the church has enabled a range of local and national entertainers to develop their craft. It is interesting to imagine how 15th Century churchgoers would react if they had know that this medieval church in the heart of Norwich would help launch the careers of a range of twenty first century icons including : Coldplay, Nirvana, Frank Skinner and Little Britain!